Work hard. Put people first.

Buying or selling a home is a big deal. Finding the right person to help you is key. It’s my job to be a trusted advisor, educator, and guide through every step.

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Cole Hooey, Minneapolis - Saint Paul Realtor

Buying or selling a home shouldn’t be a cold, transactional experience. My goal is for you to feel like a good friend helped you make a big decision.

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A bit about me

We all have so many aspects of ourselves spread across a wide array of passions and interests. Real estate surprises me every day with how much of myself I get to pour into it. On any given day I get to be an advisor, an ear to listen, a data analyst, a marketer, a negotiator, and a friend.

I’m fortunate to be able to draw from a diverse background of experiences to serve my clients. It would be a privilege to walk this journey with you!

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Here before, here after. Caretakers for a time.

We’re usually not the first owners of our homes. Often these houses of ours are fifty, seventy, or even a hundred years old. I sometimes get a shiver thinking of all the lives lived in these places. Whether you’re the second or the seventh owner, you pick up the mantle where the last person left off. Fill the rooms with your memories and joy, and when it’s time, pass it on to the next steward.

I feel so grateful to be able to walk through these special transitions with my clients.

What my clients say


Cole is completely committed to his clients and truly goes above and beyond to get the job done.

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Cole was so great throughout the whole process. All I knew going into our first meeting was that I was ready to be a homeowner. I was referred to Cole but really didn’t know much about the process or what kind of house I wanted. He educated me about what to expect, gave excellent advice and asked the right questions to help me narrow down what was important to me in a house and location. I was nervous I’d become overwhelmed by everything, but it all went so smoothly and I’m sure that’s because of him. Cole is completely committed to his clients and truly goes above and beyond to get the job done. He wrote my offer letter from the airport while on vacation! Couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor.

Kjirsten & Max

Cole should be everybody’s go-to guy. All throughout the stressful process of finding our first home, Cole was there to guide us. Whether it was getting us set up with our mortgage broker, scheduling inspections or giving personal insight; Cole handled all our requests quickly and professionally.

As a young couple we were glad to have an agent who possessed excellent communication skills. Cole’s use of technology made our experience effortless as he set up appointments, e-documents, and Zoom calls.

When we made the decision to connect with Cole, everything fell into place. Cole is knowledgeable, hard working, and a joy to be around. We are extremely lucky to have found him, and are blessed to be in a home that we love! If you end up with Cole in your stocking this holiday season… consider yourself lucky!

Brittani & Dave

From the beginning, Cole was dedicated to helping us have as smooth a process as possible as first time homebuyers. He helped us fight hard and win in a tough market. We also appreciated his ability and willingness to help us learn throughout the process. He was super responsive and communicative. Cole takes the job seriously but makes it fun along the way - if you are looking for your agent to not just help you buy (or sell!) your home, but also catch all your Office/Modern Family/Parks & Rec/Ted Lasso/00s emo music references, work with Cole!


I would recommend Cole over and over. We had both purchased properties several times in the last 12 years, but home-buying had changed so drastically since COVID that we felt out of our element. Cole delivered on some tough asks related to a sale during a divorce, a purchase with a lower budget, and a very competitive home-buying market. But I couldn’t have asked for a more balanced, thorough, and confident realtor to help us transition from our old to our new home. He understood it all, somehow explained it to us where it made perfect sense, worked very hard for our needs, and came through with a team of such excellent lenders, brokers, and inspectors. And it was like working with a friend. This was the easiest home-buying experience I could imagine, and it was the toughest on “paper” . Cole slays.